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Freshly. Packed.

Freshly. Packed.


ERME AG / SWISS VACUUM SOLUTIONS has an impressive stand at this year’s IGEHO in Basel. Particularly highlighted are the vacuum desk models which were developped in a cooperation with several partners from the virtuelle Fabrik network. These machines are released right at the beginning of the IGEHO.

Part of Produkt Design Zürich’s work in this collaboration for all of the desk models was overall design concept and the HMI – Integration of a reasonable usability which is matching with a well thought-out design in a intensive working environment. This was an ideal task for us which we approached with much impetus.

Find out more and visit the ERME stand at IGEHO which is still open until November 25!

At the same time with the start of IGEHO there was a new ERME-Website published. Here you can find more information about the machines which are manufactured by ERME since over 40 years with success.