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RedDot Winner

RedDot Winner


We are happy to win, together with Mettler-Toledo AG, the RedDot Winner 2016 in the category Product Design.

The UV5 Nano spectrophotometer sets new standards in the life sciences field of micro-volume UV/VIS spectroscopy. Thanks to an innovative mechanism it is possible to reliably measure just a few microliters of protein or nucleic acid samples directly without any further preparation in just two seconds. Besides the high measurement speed, the One Click user interface puts the spectrophotometer in a league of its own. It is exceptionally easy to learn and unsurpassed in its ease of use.

The design of this compact instrument sets the standard in its field. It is suitable for the most diverse laboratory conditions and the separate terminal can be placed where it is most convenient. The sample arm and separate cell compartment are neatly housed at the top of the instrument. Its slightly curved, ergonomic design allows for comfortable and safe pipetting. Cleaning is straightforward thanks to the stainless steel cover that can be removed with one simple hand movement. The instrument design has been reduced to a perfect minimum and nevertheless stands out with its elegance and user friendliness.